Wellness: What is it, and where do I get it?

Wellness isn’t so much a thing, as it is a process. It can be best defined as the process of making positive changes in order to achieve positive balance in your healthy life. There are seven aspects of wellness, or seven areas of your life that you want to balance. The seven areas can be easily remembered with the acronym, SPECIES. They are Social, Physical, Emotional, Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual. Today we’ll discuss the first three, and then tomorrow we’ll explore the last four.

Social wellness isn’t just about having a few friends to hang out with on the weekends (although that’s important too!).  It’s also about having the ability to create and maintain healthy relationships with everyone around you, whether they are family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors or anyone else. In future posts, some of the things we’ll talk about are ways we create relationships (some are by choice, and some are not), how we can create good relationships with the ones that are by choice, and then how to maintain healthy relationships with people in all those different groups.

Physical wellness might seem easy to define. The first thought that probably jumps to your mind is exercise, right? There is so much more to physical wellness besides just working out. For your workouts, you want to consider cardio, flexibility, and strength training. But to achieve physical wellness you should also consider nutrition, rest/sleep, and responsible use of alcohol and other drugs. Look for future posts about physical wellness including how to get started on an exercise program, ways to assess and revamp your eating habits, and tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Emotional wellness is all about…your emotions! The four core emotions are mad, glad, sad, and scared. Emotional wellness includes being able to understand your inner, true self, and it also means being able to express your emotions in a healthy way. Being able to feel, understand, express, and talk about your feelings is another important aspect of emotional wellness. In the coming months, we will talk more about habits you might have in response to emotions (and how to change them), talking about feelings in ways that will help you be heard, and how to manage negative feelings.

In my next post, we’ll discuss the Career, Intellectual, Environmental, and Spiritual dimensions of wellness. Meanwhile, of the first three areas, which do you feel best about? In which areas do you think you could use some work? If you have questions about social, physical, or emotional wellness, let me know in the comments!


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  1. I was curious about the subject of creating and maintaining healthy relationships with family and friends. What if that is more of a one way street? They see things only one way, and are not able to put things into prospective or move outside of their "box", if you will.

    How does a person such as myself maintain any type of "healthy" type of relationship whether it be with family or friends?

    Thanks so much!

    • This is a great question, and I think the answer depends a lot on what it is those people are failing to see. If it’s a minor point of contention, you can “agree to disagree” or just try to stay off the topic.

      If it’s something that is very important to you, and you have done everything you can to try to get them to understand, then you might instead consider strengthening your bonds with the people who align more with your core self.

      As I said, it depends a lot on the situation! We’ll talk more about this in a future blog post, and maybe we can flesh out more details about this approach.

      Thanks for your question!

  2. Excellent post, Nisha. Our future wellness depends on what we do in our life today. Right choice matters lot…

  3. I think this article is written so good I want to share to my friends

    • Thank you, Thomas! Please do share it with your friends! To be honest, I still have to figure out how to create the "Tweet this" and "Share on facebook" buttons for each post. For now, though, I have to count on you (and other readers) to spread the word!

      Thank you again for your comment. 🙂

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