21 Quick Ways To De-Stress After Work


Many people have stressful days at work, and then they go home and have even more stress dealing with everything that has to get done there. Sound familiar? What you might need is just a few minutes to yourself between the time you get home and the time you start tackling all your evening responsibilities, to de-stress and then move forward with a fresh and relaxed outlook. Try some of these ideas, and see what works for you!

21 Quick Ways to Unwind and De-Stress

1. When you get home, before going in the house, sit on the front steps for a few minutes, maybe sort through the mail or just enjoy the fresh air – and then go in the house.

2. Play a quick game of hide-n-seek with your kids.

3. Kick off your shoes, take off your make-up, and change into some comfy clothes for the evening.

4. Pick some flowers, bring them in the house, and put them in a pretty vase.

5. Spend a few minutes reading a magazine article.

6. Sip a cup of tea before you even think about what’s for dinner.

7. Do a few stretchestouch your toes (or shins or knees), roll your head in circles, raise and lower your shoulders as far as you can.

8. Jump in the shower to signal to your body that you’re shifting between work time and family time.

9. Throw a ball for your dog, pet your cat, or have a chat with your bird.

10. On your way home, park a block away from home and walk the rest of the way. After dinner, walk back and get your car.

11. Take a few minutes to meditate or daydream about your next vacation.

12. Before going in the house, have a quick chat with your neighbor.

13. Before you leave the office, turn off your phone’s ringer. Challenge yourself to leave it off all night.

14. Eat a quick energy-boosting and satisfying snack, like a banana or a handful of almonds.

15. Play catch with your kids for a few minutes.

16. Water your flowers and talk to them while you do it!

17. Tidy up the kitchen a bit before you start dinner.

18. Before you get out of your car, sit quietly, close your eyes, and take three long, full breaths.

19. Listen to your favorite music on your way home.

20. Warm some soothing essential oils to freshen the room and relax your mind.

21. Hug your partner, your kids, your pets, your neighbors, and anyone else you can find!

I hope these tips give you some ideas on healthy, calming ways in which you can transition from work to home – with a little break for you in between. Let me know which ones work for you!

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  1. Such graet ways to unwind; it really helps to give your attention to somebody else before you go into the house. I have experienced that many times; it really helps….thanks!!

  2. Anita Fiander

    #3 I have done for years. Even though I work from home, most days I dress for the office:)

  3. GREAT list of tips for people – THANKS Nisha!!!

  4. I love to sweep and that gives me all the destressing I need after a big day! Although tidying up the kitchen comes in at a close second….great list. Thanks

  5. These are great tips for de-stressing any time, thanks Nisha. I am so blessed to work from home, I don't know how I would ever go to an office all day and then come home not having seen my kids all day. I must admit to still having stress though ~ my favorite de-stressor is to just take 5 minutes of meditation and gratitude to realign my mind with all that is good. Your list has given me some new good ideas too.

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