The Power Of Thoughts: Creating Your Own Reality

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Do you know the value of your own thoughts? Have you ever stopped to think about how powerful your own thoughts are? You may not realize it, but the reality is that what you think is what you create.

Now that doesn’t mean that if you daydream about winning the lottery, it’ll happen. And it’s probably unlikely that if you only think about your dreams without any corresponding actions, that you’ll get any results.

But, it’s important to know that your thoughts have a huge influence on your life. If you focus on the things you don’t have or what’s lacking in your life, that’s what you get. But if you instead think about what’s going well, what you do well, and what you want to achieve…that’s what grows.

How does that work? Well, the truth is that you can only achieve what you believe is possible. And when you spend more time thinking about your dreams and the positive things in your life, you really create the circumstances and experiences that make those things multiply and grow.

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As an example, let’s say you want to earn more money, because you feel like your budget is too tight right now. If you spend your time thinking struggling to pay your bills, envisioning your tiny bank account, and always being short on cash, then it’s almost like you get stuck living that life. That’s all you expect from yourself, so that’s all you achieve.

On the other hand, if you think about your financial goals and what it would mean for you to achieve them, that causes you to change your focus. You envision yourself being able to spend more freely, having enough money at the end of the month, and being able to splurge a little.

When you picture those outcomes, you automatically start thinking about how to get there, even subconsciously. Your focus shifts and you start doing things – almost without realizing it – that will get you to your goal, like supplementing your income, cutting expenses, and curbing spending.

When you focus on the positive, you start to believe you can create that outcome, and it starts to happen without you even having to try that hard. It just becomes natural, because that’s where your thoughts are focused. And you always live up to what you believe you can do, whether you are selling yourself short or setting astronomical goals.

Your brain can hold only one thought at a time, so you need to decide which thoughts you will allow and which one you won’t. Will they be thoughts that help you reach your goals, or will they be ones that hold you back?

Believe in yourself, know what’s important to you, and then keep your focus on positive outcomes. That is how you start living your life with intention – by knowing your goals and knowing you will get there.


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  1. inspiredbysteve

    I got caught in this trap myself recently. In my efforts to distance myself from several negative people, I became negative…and it took a lot of my momentum away from me. Thank you for this message! : )

    • It's so easy to get caught up in other people's negativity, isn't it? Sometimes you have to make the hard choice and just remove them from your life if you don't see things changing.

  2. Thanks for this great post – these are the types of things that I remind clients to do – but I need to be reminded also of the importance on focusing on the outcome rather than caught up in the details and "what ifs" 🙂

  3. Negativity can really sneak up on you. And it can be hard to shake. Left alone, negativity can turn into a cascade of problems in your life. I loved the line that your brain can only hold one thought at a time-We do get to choose which one-negative or positive. Thanks, Nisha!

  4. Anita Fiander

    Such a wonderful tool our brain is and our thought are more powerful than we know. I personally visualize the lifestyle I want and I change my vision board yearly. Works for me 🙂

  5. It's so true that what you focus on is what you get. We were talking about that last night in relation to playing golf… how if you stand on the tee and think "don't go in the water" it doesn't matter how well you hit the ball, it still lands in the water. Great reminder to keep it positive Nisha!

    • That's so true, Lena – and a great illustration of my post! You have to think, "Go in the hole!" Ha! That's what I always hear people say when they are watching a golf tournament! 🙂

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