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My name is Nisha Naik, and I live in Kansas City, Missouri with my husband and three dogs. I majored in Health Promotion/Wellness at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, which is consistently recognized as one of the finest undergraduate programs in the nation. Since earning my undergraduate degree in the 90s, I went on to graduate school, spent time in the workforce, and then went into business for myself. Through it all, though, I missed my wellness roots, and I have always kept up on new reading, as well as practicing what I learned at Stevens Point. This blog is an effort to continue to learn about the seven aspects of wellness, to put more positive changes in place in my own life, to share with others what I have learned and what I am learning, and (most importantly!) to learn my readers.

I am always open to questions, comments, and thoughts about wellness, the blog posts, or anything else, so please feel free to contact me at nisha@onemoveforward.com.

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