Intellectual Growth Resources


So much of intellectual wellness is about simply broadening your horizons. One of the easy ways to do that is to take interests you have now and see how you can extend that into a new interest. For instance, if you enjoy baking, you might like to learn about cake decorating. If you enjoy modern fashion, you might like to learn about its history. Here are a couple of great books I referenced in the article, Appreciating Art Is Good For Your Heart. The first is called Contemporary Cake Decorator’s Bible: Over 150 Techniques and 80 Stunning Projects, and the other is Fashion (Taschen 25th Anniversary) Go beyond your comfort zone, and see what you might learn!


Music is another area where you can broaden your horizons! There are lots of artists who are branching out into different genres, like Lionel Richie did in his CD, Tuskegee, where he collaborated with country music stars to re-do his own hits. If you tend to listen to the same type of music all the time, why not try something a little different?



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