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Eating For Life
This is a great book with a lot of basics about eating healthy. There is nothing complicated – no calculating calories or figuring out menus. It explains why you shouldn’t diet, but just simply eat right. There’s a huge selection of simple recipes that are easy to make, and there are even whole menu plans (what to eat morning, noon, and night) using those recipes. If you don’t want to have to figure anything out and just want someone to tell you what to do to eat healthy and lose weight, this book is your answer!

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  1. smithalex1988

    Eating healthier is very important. If you suffer from any diseases, you want to eat healthy so as to manage the diseases well and feel better from them. In many cases, a healthy eating habit can reverse diseases.
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  2. This is indeed a great book! Eating healthy can help you stay fit, healthy, and improve your quality life the later you go in the game. I personally combine healthy eating with supplementation to get the best results.

    My strategy includes a diet of healthy foods, moderate to high amounts of exercise, and I use Shaklee Products to supplement and give me the additional nutrients I need to keep up with my busy life.

    I am a firm believer that a healthy diet, along with quality supplementation can prevent many of the illnesses people suffer from. I think the best way to stay out of the hospital is to prevent it from becoming necessary, and this plan of attack gives you the best option.

    Great site, lots of good info here!


  3. And here is an interesting thing. Have you ever considered why, despite going on a fast over night, most individuals are not ravenously starving in the morning? Odd that, when we’ve not consumed for about 10 or more hours? By rights we should be proper starving.

  4. Getting your alkalinity level up is important. Lemon water, spinach and broccoli are my best friend to lose weight stress free and keep it off for a long time. I can tell right away as the pounds come back on that my alkalinity level must be off.

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