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The Adventure Of Change


How do you view change? Is it something you fear or something you embrace? I’m talking big changes here, like changing jobs or moving to a new city. The ability to adapt to new big changes, regardless of whether they are voluntary, is essential to your success when you make the change.

Some people fear change. If they are moving to a new town, they wonder if they’ll make new friends, how they’ll find their way around town, and whether they’ll like their new neighborhood.

But I like to look at change as an adventure. If I was moving to a new town (as I have a few times), I’d think about all the new places I’m going to find, the activities the city has to offer, and the new restaurants I will discover.

It’s a completely different mindset, but it can affect your whole experience.

So if you are a worrier and you fear change, how can you adjust your mindset and turn it into an adventure? It starts with trusting yourself. Take, for instance, your worry about finding new friends. Trust yourself that you know you’ve made many friends before, people enjoy being around you, you have a warm personality. Who wouldn’t want to be your friend?

If your concern is finding your way around your new city, trust yourself that you’ll figure it out. You’re smart, you have found your way around unfamiliar places before, and YOU HAVE GPS! 🙂 Not to mention sometimes getting lost is the best way to discover new neighborhoods, parks, shops, and restaurants. It’s an adventure!

If, when contemplating change, you tend to have fears rather than a sense of adventure, just trust yourself. Know that whatever concern you have, regardless of whether it comes true, you have the ability to handle it. You will find a way to make it work. And you will learn more about yourself in the process.

Be brave! Know that failure might be part of the process. Heck, expect that a failure or two might be part of the process. But trust yourself enough to know that even with failure, you will find solutions, you will find success, and you will be a more enriched person for having gone through the process.