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25 Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood


Have you ever had one of those days where everything was going along just fine, and then you get hit with some disappointing news or a really frustrating annoyance and then, even if it is something you should be able to move beyond, for some reason you can’t?

It has happened to me. Usually I can reason my way out of my funk, but then there are other times when it just stops me in my tracks and I become completely unproductive.

I started thinking about ways to work around the mental block when I can’t move through it. Sometimes I find that my day was so thrown off by a disappointment that what I really need is a completely different place to shift my focus – if only for a few minutes.

One way to do that is to know what works for you to instantly boost your mood. No matter who got credit for your idea at work or what kind of grades your kid came home with or how much money it’s going to cost to fix your car, what are the things you can do that immediately help you feel better?

I’ve created a list of instant mood-boosters. See which ones you like, add some of your own, and then think back on your list when you need a little positive push.

25 Instant Mood-Boosters

1. Write down your feelings. Sometimes venting can make a world of difference, and this way – nobody even has to listen!

2. Play your favorite upbeat song – and play it loud enough for the neighbors to hear!

3. Find a mirror, fix your hair, re-apply makeup, and SMILE at yourself!

4. Go for a really brisk walk around the block, and follow that with a long drink of cool water.

5. Spend 5 minutes at a website that makes you laugh. I love the funny, quick reads at Postcards From Yo Momma, and I can always find a laugh at I Can Has Cheezburger.

6. Compliment someone.

7. Fantasize about your dream car.

8. Text a friend to make fun plans for the weekend.

9. Take a quick shower and consider it a new start to your day.

10. Flip through some old photos – maybe from your childhood, your wedding, or your favorite vacation.

11. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a room diffuser. If you don’t already have one, – this “bowl style” one from amazon is simple, pretty, and inexpensive. Just ordering it might boost your mood!

12. Open the blinds and spend a few minutes in the sun. Even better if you can go outside!

13. Paint your nails with the brightest color you own.

14. Plan a road trip.

15. Rummage through a box of your kids’ artwork from when they were little.

16. Text three family members just to say hi.

17. Ask someone in grade school to tell you a funny joke.

18. Roughhouse with your dog.

19. Drive through Starbucks and grab a latte.

20. Grab some crayons or markers, print a fun page from Crayola, and spend 10 minutes coloring.

21. Review your bucket list – cross out the ones you have completed, add a few things, and make plans for what you want to do next.

22. Buy a big bunch of your favorite flowers and put a few stems in each room.

23. Schedule a massage.

24. Send a nice email. Thank your assistant for helping you look great, ask your mom for advice, or tell your babysitter how much your kids love her.

25. Remember that tomorrow is another day. And it will be awesome!

What are your go-to mood boosters? I bet you have a few, and I’d love to hear about them in the comments!