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Healthy In A Hurry: Thai Basil Chicken

photo: Darny


I have another Healthy In A Hurry recipe that you will love! It’s simple and easy and superdelicious! 🙂 A while back I was craving the Ginger Basil Chicken from Blue Koi here in Kansas City, but I thought the dish seemed simple enough that I could probably make it myself.

After a little trial and error, I didn’t come up with the same dish as Blue Koi’s, but it definitely cures the craving, and I think it’s a little healthier than the restaurant dish too!

This Thai-inspired recipe uses just a few ingredients, but each one adds a unique punch of flavor, so the whole dish comes together nicely.

Thai Basil Chicken


1 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts

1 T. canola oil

1 T. minced garlic

2 T. minced fresh ginger (available in your grocer’s produce department)

1/4 tsp. hot chili flakes

2/3 cup chicken broth (skim any fat)

1 T. Asian fish sauce (also available at your grocer, usually among the soy sauce and stir fry sauces)

2 tsp. corn starch

3 cups fresh basil leaves, loosely packed

Salt to taste


1. Rinse chicken, pat dry, and cut in 1-inch cubes.

2. Warm a large skillet over medium-high heat, then add oil, garlic, ginger, chili flakes, and chicken.

3. Stir constantly until chicken is cooked, about 5 minutes.

4. In a small bowl, mix broth, fish sauce, and corn starch until smooth.

5. Add broth mixture to pan and cook until sauce is boiling (about 1 minute).

6. Add salt to taste, stir, and remove pan from heat.

7. Top with basil leaves just before serving. Stir once or twice, just until leaves are mixed in.

Serves 4.

Per serving: 202 calories, 5.7 gm fat, 6.5 gm carbohydrates, 30 gm protein, 3.2 gm. fiber

If you aren’t familiar with ginger, this is what it looks like. Just get the smallest piece you can find, since you won’t need much.


Because this recipe contains a lot of nutrient-rich basil, you won’t need to add a vegetable. If you do want to add more greens, though, either steamed broccoli or snow peas would go well in this dish.

Thai Basil Chicken is great as a one-dish balanced meal, and it also pairs well with brown rice. Give it a try!

Download the recipe here: One Move Forward’s Healthy In A Hurry Thai Basil Chicken